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The origin of Chicamama is the illusion and dream of mine to create something original and beautiful with fabrics that I love so much. In 2010 it finally came true. A beautiful fabric, a sewing machine, love and patience were the magic ingredients  to give form to the first dolls. Mother and daughter united with a beautiful button. They were the ones who gave me the name: Chicamama.
Then others were born like the kitten Raul, Toro Manolo, Gentle Bear or also the fierce Chigre (half Chicamama half tiger), etc.
Every Chicamama is unique just like every child. Just look at them carefully when you have them in your hands and you will see that it is true. The eyes, the smile, the drawing of the fabric … Every Chicamama is unrepeatable full of little details.

About me

Chicamama is a product of my imagination, and above all my enthusiasm for creating beautiful and unique things. I am dedicating a lot of time, effort and passion to every doll or creation. I am Melinda Iro, I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and I have been living in Madrid since 2006. I have two small children.
I started sewing at the age of 7-8 at the Russian primary school I went to (I do not remember exactly but I think the sewing machine still had pedals!!). At the same time my great-aunt and my mother taught me different sewing techniques and stitches that I will never forget. I didn’t really sew up until 2010, the year I fell in love with the colourful fabrics and started feeling that I wanted to sew. At first I was only designing and sewing the dolls as a hobby, but then I started to get orders, and in a matter of a year I participated in independent crafts fairs (Nomada Market, Dosde) in Madrid. I enjoyed them so much. Then when I became mother of two obviously the lack of time forced me to make a stop. However in my head I kept thinking and dreaming of my Chicamamas. Now as my boys are a little older I am looking forward to getting back to the task and sew again. I reorganized my fabrics and took the sewing machine out of its box. I can’t wait to step on the machine’s foot pedal and make the fabric run under the needle. Isn’t there anything better than to create something beautiful every single day?

¿How is it made?

Every Chicamama is made with two basic elements: love and passion. Each piece is unique, special, with a very lovely character. In general it takes 3 hours to make each one. Thanks to high quality 100% cotton fabrics and reinforced stitching, the dolls are resistant, smashable and also washable in cold water. Their owners can take them anywhere they want. They are suitable for babies too. They are made in a smoke and pet free environment.
I accept unique and personalized orders. Write me here and I will be happy to realize your dream in fabric.

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